A recent Express article highlighted Microsoft’s excellent decision to include the original Dark Souls in its ever growing list of backwards compatible games on Xbox One.

Of course there’s a catch though.  To play Dark Souls on Xbox One, it seems as if you need to digitally pre-order Dark Souls III on the system, as it comes with a digital download of the original that will be playable on Xbox 360 immediately and will later be playable on Xbox One.

OfficialBrosCode has offered his advice and opinions on how to move forward with all the information we’ve been given about Dark Souls III thus far.  If you’ve yet to learn much about the game and don’t mind some visual spoilers, he’s got a great video that covers all the facts we know and what we can likely expect from the final installment of the Dark Souls franchise when it launches next month


Gamespot just ran an article highlighting the swift trickery of Dark Souls III’s thief class as presented by Fromsoftware themselves in a livestream they hosted earlier today.

Fans who first entered From’s wonderful world of death and dismemberment with last years Bloodborne are sure to feel at home with the thief’s quick attacks and maneuverability.

They showed off some really great “Soul Arts” moves like an even quick dodge for enhanced evasiveness and a rapid fire bow technique that’s sure to be abused and subsequently nerfed.

The article has a video with 7 minutes of the livestream so check it out and decide for yourself if you’ll be braving this new adventure with the thief.

There’s no shortage of awesome franchised attractions in Japan, but Dark Souls is among them, so naturally I had to write about it.

A mall in Shibuya Japan is hosting an exhibit centered entirely on Dark Souls, complete with life-size statues and a restaurant.  I’d personally love to know what Estus tastes like.

Check out Destructoid’s article on the exhibit and don’t miss out on checking it out for yourself if you can!

It’s no secret that Dark Souls has had a significant impact on its players.  From inspiring incredible art to staving off depression, this game has changed countless lives for the better.

In a recent article on Motherboard, Matthew Gault took a look at how Dark Souls has helped two players, Hamish Black and Paul Delaney cope with the horrors of depression.

“I was understandably under close supervision and I was just trying to recover,” says Hamish. “I had a lot of time to focus on just trying to relax and decompress. That involved playing video games. And weirdly [that] involved playing what is largely considered one of the most stressful video games ever created.”

“Depression can feel like you’re in a bleak world that’s ending,” Paul says. “You get up and you have a choice. Do I try today or do I just duct tape tin foil over my windows and stay in bed all day? Waking up in the morning can be like waking up next to a bonfire after you’ve died in the game. You have to decide whether you go on or not.”

The article is a great read and even concludes with hard evidence that games can help depression from Sally Merry, head of psychological medicine at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Whether you’re struggling with depression or not, Dark Souls always has and always will teach all who play it the valuable lesson that no challenge is too great to overcome with the right amount of willpower and support and that there is always a reason to carry on.

Looks like Steam just can’t wait to give us Dark Souls III, as the store page for the game is now up and ready for PC fans to ogle at before it releases on April 12th, a few weeks after the console release on March 24th.

Hope you can all hang tight PC gamers.  I for one will be aiming to beat the game before then on PS4, but somehow I just know I’ll be buying the PC version once those Steam sales kick in.  That mod support…

The Dark Souls Facebook page recently published a post with a bunch of great looking new screenshots that supposedly features the new Firelink Shrine. The post reads:

“New ‪#‎DarkSouls3‬ screenshots should help quench your thirst for more details on the challenge that lies ahead…

The first enemy that will test your worth is Iudex Gundyr.

Once you secure passage to Firelink Shrine, you’ll meet various characters – Including Hawkwood, a fugitive of Farron’s Undead Legion and a mysterious Firekeeper that will help you on your path.

As the fire fades, only embers remain…”

12496175_1017368058336238_4456302874004297373_oFirst off, this Iudex Gundyr character seems to be a boss, but the way the post describes him as “the first enemy that will test your worth” seems to suggest he is the first boss that players will encounter.  This could mean that he will be taking on the role of the Asylum Demon from Dark Souls.  Dark Souls II and Bloodborne both had branching paths that could lead the player to encounter different first bosses, so perhaps this confirms we will be getting a definitive first boss of the game.  This guy looks quite similar in size and design to Dark Souls II’s Looking Glass Knight without his trademark shield.


Next, Firelink Shrine.  The way the post so nonchalantly name drops this area seems odd, but perhaps it’s not the Firelink Shrine we know and love.  The screenshots don’t depict the hub world from the original, but they do show us a peaceful, dimly lit stone room 12513665_1017367955002915_6874330684211240461_owhere a few kind souls take reprieve.  One seems to be the woman from the first Dark Souls III trailer with the crown, and another (presumably the fugitive, Hawkwood) looks awfully similar to our crestfallen friend from Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls.

Another screenshot that potentially displays the new Firelink Shrine is an exterior 12633508_1017368045002906_3923157545913382726_oview that features a bell tower and a crumbling bridge.  Bells have never been “just bells” in Dark Souls, so it’s very likely there will be some significance attached to it.

There’s also a very Bloodborne-esque shot of the player casting pyromancy at what looks like a bunch of slug-people.  Gross, but fitting.

Speaking of inexplicable gross things, that giant blob of sentient tar is back, this time with a buddy that looks very similar to Iudex Gundyr with a halberd.  Either this creature is controlling this soldier or vice-versa, but either way, it’s a very intriguing visage.

The rest of the shots are serene landscapes or just showing different areas, but regardless of their content, all these shots look incredibly promising and continue to heighten the intrigue that Dark Souls III has surely instilled within all Souls fans.